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About Ergonica

Ergonica is a developer and manufacturer of products that enhance a natural and sustainable way of life, such as the WEED TWISTER and other ergonomic products. We sincerely believe in high-brain, low-tech solutions for the home consumer and organic growers. We also list a number of helpful products from our partners and affiliates in this catalog and other pages. We strive for holistic approaches that are beneficial to your cultivars, the environment and to you personally, as well. Through research and participation in gardening activities and efforts to preserve our earth's essential natural resources, Ergonica supports a healthy life-style.


Weeds-R-Gone with ErGONica!

For a Greener America and a Happier Smile don't say Cheese, don't say Weeds...
Say ErGONica! (Look in the mirror)


We all have a responsibility to protect our environment by being careful with pollutants, controlling noxious weeds and toxic chemicals, and being attentive to everyday environmental issues. Ergonica: Key to a greener America!

Ergonica is affiliated with several commercial organizations that we believe offer valuable products and services to our visitors. Some of these affiliates are listed as Sponsors on the right column of this page and other places. Ergonica may benefit by a small referral fee from purchases made through many of the links to some of these web sites. If you believe there is a consumer issue with any affiliate or linked organization on the World of Weeds or Ergonica website, please register your concerns on the Contact Us form available on the link below. We thank you for your support.

The World of Weeds information digest and EWIRM Weed Identification database are ongoing research projects that are updated frequently by Ergonica. In addition to providing gardeners with valuable information and useful links to gardening clubs, horticultural databases and resources, Ergonica will soon market other ergonomic products, as well as newer versions of the WEED TWISTER. Your suggestions about the WEED TWISTER and interesting weed information sites would be greatly appreciated.

To assist customers who prefer to order offline, we suggest you place your order as if paid by Check / Money Order. Make a comment about your intent to order by CC over the phone. Call us after your order is completed, or tell us when it is convenient for you to receive our call. Governmental organizations, such as schools, universities, etc., are encouraged to place your orders through the Purchase Order process. Please follow the instructions accordingly.

The Shipping Estimator is available at the Ergonica Shopping Catalog and can be used for both domestic USA and international shipping addresses. You do not need to log in to use the Shipping Estimator. Once you put an item in your shopping cart you will see the Shipping Estimator button near the bottom of the screen displaying the contents of your shopping cart. Select your country or state/province from the top selection list, and the shipping options and prices will be displayed.

For questions or comments, please contact us here.