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The Civil Gentleman - A Code of Ethics for the Modern Man

The Civil Gentleman - A Code of Ethics for the Modern Man

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Download and Print this PDF document in a 6-page 2-sided duplex format to fold into a pamphlet. Printed pamphlet also available in this catalog. A great inspirational gift for all the young men in your family ... especially with the rampant temptations of Internet social networks and Smartphone apps!

The Civil Gentleman - Forward

The Civil Gentleman is a concept and path to improve civility between men and women around the world. It provides a way for each man, from youth to adulthood, to examine his role in civilizing his home and intimate relations.

The modern man is often disenchanted with traditional institutions and laws that fail to address the day-to-day life we live today. The platitudes and commandments we have inherited often are too general to be applied to real decisions. New technologies, science, medicine and changes in traditions often clash with institutional guidance and force the man of good intentions to look for answers in new directions. Regardless of traditional conflicts and new temptations of the modern age, new generations continue to pursue a path of righteous and ethical behavior deserving of a gentleman.

The concept of The Civil Gentleman does not require the acceptance of any dogmatic tradition, religion or political persuasion. It is nonpartisan, nonsectarian and non-institutional. The basic premises of this concept are human nature and universal human rights as identified by consensus of leading organizations around the world. Use this as a guide, not to replace, but to enhance and refine the religious, moral and ethical tenants that are important to your own point of view in modern times.

The Civil Gentleman challenges each man to make decisions regarding pledges he can either undertake or pass over according to his conscience. He is also encouraged to create his own pledges that relate more directly to his own life experiences. A discipline of weekly and annual reviews of his pledges is suggested to evaluate how he fares in upholding his commitments.

When a man fails to uphold the tenets of his own conscience, he not only hurts others, but he also hurts himself. This guidance helps him to refine his conscience in the modern context and to find a way of redemption and renewed hope to successfully maintain the path of righteousness according to his conscience.


Parents may wish to give this inspirational message in pamphlet format to each of their sons at an appropriate age. This precious gift will bolster the spiritual integrity and maturation of your children. When doing so be prepared to discuss any items and questions they may have about relevant topics. When coming of age, children need to learn not only about their biological development but also, and more importantly, about the ethical issues and responsibilities of young adults and teenagers in transition to adulthood. Your role as a parent is critical in teaching important lessons about values and ethics that can best be taught at home.

Printing Notes: Print using two-sided duplex setting landscape orientation. Fold in middle and staple for pamphlet format. For one-sided printing, print all odd number pages first, insert blank sides into printer tray, print all even number pages.


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