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Aquatic Plants Good & Bad New York Oswego River Weed ID

Aquatic Plants Good & Bad New York Oswego River Weed ID

It's Free!


PDF 20 pages 8 weed species identified by The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network. The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network identifies key threats to Cayuga Lake and its watershed*, and it advocates for solutions that support a healthy environment and vibrant communities.

This guide will help you to recognize the difference between aquatic invasive weeds and their native look-a-likes found in the Central New York region. In addition there are suggestions as to what to do if you identify an invasive weed. For the purpose of this guide, plants are separated into two categories: Invasive Weed, on the left, and Native Plant, on the facing page. Note that several invasive weeds share one or two native look-a-likes.

Invasive Weed: Non-native nuisance plants that have been identified either in the Oswego River Basin or in neighboring watersheds. It is important to prevent the spread of these plants.

Native Plant: Plants that look similar to invasive weeds but are beneficial to the ecosystem, and should be left alone and allowed to grow.

Invasive Weed Index

Floating plants:
Free floater?European frogbit (p. 4)
Rooted to sediment?Water chestnut (p. 6)

Submersed plants:
Whorl leaf pattern?Hydrilla (p. 8)
Whorl leaf pattern?Brazilian waterweed (p. 10)
Lasagne-like leaves?Curly-leaved pondweed (p. 12)
Grass-like leaves?Starry stonewort (p. 14)
Finely divided leaves?Eurasian watermilfoil (p. 16)
Finely divided leaves?Fanwort (p. 18)

Aquatic Plants: Good & Bad New York Oswego River Weed Identification Guide

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