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Ergonica Presents Free Science Project Planning Guide, Poetry and an Essay On the Semantics of Evolution  by Ray Cruz, Weed Identification and Control Documents
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Most of these files, numbering more than 50, are available for download at no cost.  

Science Project Planning Guide / Make Sure Your Project Is Complete!

This is an Excel spreadsheet template which lists the steps to complete a science project as well as a timeline and grid to complete each step.  Use this template to identify your project items and manage each step to completion.  To download, click the link below. You may be requested to log-in or register for most free downloads.  There is no fee, but your email address will need to be verified the first time you order a free download item.

Science Project Planning Chart  FREE Microsoft Excel Document

Weed Identification Photos, Instructions Guides

Download instructional files in PDF and other formats including photos, drawings and detailed lessons.  Prepared by weed scientists and experts at major universities in the US and other regions. See selected sample titles here.

Weed Identification Documents  FREE Acrobat PDF Documents

Mexico Border Crossings - The Victims - The Wall by Ramon Cruz

Mexico Border Crossings - The Victims - The Wall is a free 22-page exposé with images and references that takes you to the border and gives you an intimate look at the reality of strife and panic as hundreds of people die every year and tens of thousands are incarcerated attempting to cross the border without authorization. Ramon describes how the border wall proposed by the U.S. Executive Office may actually save hundreds of lives and cut billions in immigrant detention costs each year (whether intended or not?) if it is successful in completely sealing off the border. All walls have two sides! Local involvement, advice and art from both sides of the wall is recognized as an important asset to a wall beyond borders, as long as the people take control. This wall project is opposed by many due to excessive costs and threats to several endangered species who normally migrate annually across the border in both directions. Ramon imaginatively describes several features he proposes that may aid in animal migration while selectively blocking human trespassers in an automated gateway. The costs of the wall construction may also be mitigated by adding solar panels and wind turbines and generating a surplus of electricity to plug into the grid. See blog.

Free Download the latest version of Mexico Border - The Victims - The Wall in PDF format or Word Docx by Ramon Cruz

Poetry Selections by Ray Cruz

Favorite poems by Ray Cruz as published on the World of Weeds in a Word document or a PDF document.  Poems include

Herb Keeper

A Valentine to Pick

Winter Wishes

Thank You

Words of Peace

A Story (New 2011 - not free)

The Waves  (New 2011 - not free)

To download, click the link below and sign up for your free downloads.  The PDF file includes graphics, but the Word document does not.  To enjoy these poems online and other poetry about weeds by various authors visit the Poetry page.

Ray Cruz Poems of Inspiration  FREE Microsoft Word Document

Ray Cruz Poems of Inspiration  FREE Acrobat PDF Document

Poetry Favorites by Ray Cruz Acrobat PDF Document (not free)


Essay by Ray Cruz

On the Semantics of Evolution by Ray Cruz is a thought provoking essay on the meaning of traditional and new concepts for the evolution of species in the 21st century.  Learn how agriculture rapidly helps to create new species and cause the extinction of many others.  Examine the impact of biogenetics and the culture of war on evolution.  See how what each of us do in our daily lives affects evolution.  Read this excerpt from the introduction:

A definition of evolution from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online includes this statement: “…a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state.” The etymology of evolution from the same source is “Latin evolution- evolutio unrolling, from evolvere.” We understand the evolution of species to be a gradual progression, one that normally takes thousands or millions of years to develop a new species from ancestral origins. What we see today, however, since the advent of agriculture, is a greater dynamic level of evolution, one that differs profoundly from pre-agricultural times. To better understand this new evolution of evolution we will examine and try to clarify the rudiments and semantics of classical evolution theory and the issues that abound from common terminology. We will also introduce some new concepts and terms that are needed to better understand human-manipulated evolution. The new concepts include super-intelligence, artificial selection, agevolution and a comprehensive, four-dimensional model of evolution.

On the Semantics of Evolution by Ray Cruz Acrobat PDF Document (not free)


The Civil Gentleman

The Civil Gentleman is a concept and path to improve civility between men and women around the world. It provides a way for each man, from youth to adulthood, to examine his role in civilizing his home and intimate relations. It can be downloaded (nearly) free from the Ergonica Catalog and also purchased as a pamphlet (with quantity discounts). See more at:

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