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Can you make a science project using pets or wild animals in your neighborhood?  If so, please be careful not to endanger or mistreat the animals! This could be a fun and interesting project!  Ask your teacher for advice on designing your hypothesis and test criteria.  Share video at right with your teacher and classmates for ideas. See more bird feeding science projects at Ergonica.

Do Wild Birds eat more during cold weather, rain or snow, than other types of weather? In this video it appears so! Can you make a Science Project to measure how much birds eat in different types of weather?  More urban pets to enjoy!

If you cannot operate the video player, you may need to download the latest Shockwave Flash Add-on for your browser from Adobe Systems inc.  Make sure this add-on is enabled in the tools options for your browser under managing add-ons.  More viewing options are also available from YouTube. See more video clips by author.


HowStuffWorks Video: How to Prepare a Science Fair Project: Seven Steps


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School Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Teachers, Parents and Students

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Science Fair Poster Boards

Look at some examples of how 5th graders have set up their Science Fair Poster Boards. Is the title easy to see? Is color used effectively? Is the information organized? Are there charts, graphs, or pictures? - Playlist includes Videos of Science Fair Projects from Kindergarten to High School.

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