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Ergonica Garden Tools Superstore specializes in ergonomic and eco-friendly tools and gardening products, as well as diverse plants, materials and gardening tips to help you thrive in a changing climate and keep your planet clean. We are especially excited about the increased power and efficiency of cordless and corded tools such as lawn mowers, cultivators, pruners, string trimmers, leaf blowers, drills, chain saws, reciprocating saws, and weed augers. Bio-degradable compost bags and doggie-poop bags as well as plant breeding seedling bags can help with the environment, as well.

Perk up your garden with vegetable seeds, a fruit tree or two, vegetable gardening expertise, and organic fertilizer to avoid poisoning the veges you eat. Organic weed control, weed mats and barriers as well as mulch covers provide safe alternatives to harsh chemicles for weed management and prevention, as do your favorite mechanical ergonomic hand weeder tools.

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